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oil on box canvas 

each painting measures 60 x 60cm

Margagret got in touch looking for a unique seascape for her living room, after her daughter found me on Instagram, they both decided my style of artwork was what they were looking for. I made a house call as she lived nearby, so I was able to see the space she wanted to fill. I looked at other artworks around the house, colour scheme of the room and had a lovely chat about her likes and dislikes. Together we decided a triptych would fill the space best, and picked out the colour palette of pale pink, grey, duck egg blue, navy and a splash of gold. I gave Margaret a rough estimate on how long it would take, then hand delivered the artwork once it was completed. She was over the moon with the finished product. It was a joy from beginning to end! 

"I absolutely love them. It fits perfectly in my house"